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What Is A Productive Strength Program?

August 8, 2019

The physiological basis of strength training is the overload principle. This principle requires that a muscle be progressively overloaded beyond its current capabilities to stimulate a strength/growth response. 

Therefore, any progressivestrength training protocol that has a systematic plan of overload (i.e. increasing resistance/repetitions) will produce results!

Otherwise stated, despite what strength-training program is used, it is the INTENSE and INTELLIGENT application of the lifter’s EFFORT that is most responsible for their results -- not the program.

The bottom line is, and always will be, an issue of COMMITMENT and HARD WORK -- not how many sets/reps were performed.

Maximal effort is required to develop maximal results. HARD WORK should not be confused with MORE WORK.

Truth be told, it does not take a maximal amount of work and/or time to develop maximal results. It does require maximal effort and maximal perseverance.

In other words, strength development is USE IT OR LOOSE IT -- AND DON’T ABUSE IT! Train hard, chart your progression, allow ample time to rest/recovery between workouts.



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