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March 10, 2017

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Women: What will you do?

July 6, 2019

Right at this moment, there is a woman at home sitting vowing to herself that this year will be her year physically. This will be the year she changes her body, accepts her limitations and makes feeling good and moving often a part of her daily life. Here is what every woman should know before she commits to fitness:

Strong women are beautiful. You will never become the best you can be by chaining yourself to a treadmill and walking for hours. You might lose weight (muscle and fat), but even those losses will stop soon. The structure you see and admire in other women is muscle. 

Most of the diseases of aging are self-inflicted. In other words, you can control your own physical future through knowing your body, working with a knowledgeable coach and educating yourself. 

Never chase your former self. We were all somebody back in the day and chasing that unrealistic vision, and trying to recapture your glory days isn’t going to work. Yes, you might have been the prom queen or national class soccer player, but today you should just focus on being the best you can be today and stop chasing the woman you can never be again. 

The lies you believe will harm your future. Many women fade after becoming 50, becoming lesser versions of themselves because they have always believed one inherent lie; if you lift weights, you will get big. That is like saying you won’t take up golf because you are afraid of making all that money on the women’s tour.

If you could only go to the gym one day a week, then lift weights with a good coach. If you only can go twice a week, then lift weights with a good coach. Beyond that, you have to adapt your goals to your lifestyle, but you should still embrace what strength training can do for you for the next 40 years of your life. 

You will live longer than any woman has ever lived in the past. And I mean not just living more years but by actually living more every year. The workouts you do today will determine the quality of life you have in the future. You can’t wait until you are in the wheelchair to change your life. Then it is too late.

Nothing changes until you do. The best time to start this journey is RIGHT NOW. And did I mention find a good coach. 






Nothing changes until you do. The best time to start this journey is RIGHT NOW. And did I mention find a good coach. 


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