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  • Michael Wolff

My Favorite Staff Is

There is no favorite staff, but I must give a BIG Thank You to all of them.

Covid 19 has been tough on our industry, but without our team, we would not be as successful as we have been.

They each bring very specific qualities to HIT Strength and we truly wouldn't be as successful without them.

Craig: He has basically been working 7 days a week in order to get clients their workout times.

Erika: She came back from illness and promptly picked up all my sessions as I was out with a severe reaction to my FLU shot.

She was very instrumental is getting all the virtual training going during the lockdown, and is excellent at keeping clients on task and scheduled.

Mary: She creates our challenge programs because she likes to, and develops strong relationships with all clients because that's who she is.

She was also huge in getting the virtual training going during the lockdown.

Shannon: She brings more energy into the building than all of us combined.

We are lucky to have her.

They each bring qualities that I do not possess. We are a better training studio because of their unique qualities.

They all make working at HIT Strength a very enjoyable experience.

I hope you enjoy your workouts with them, as much as you can enjoy a

HIT strength workout.

How To Get Scheduled Or Reach HIT

1. Call 224-760-7140

2. Text 630-220-2204

3. Respond to this email


Thank you for choosing HIT Strength.

Mary, Erika, Amanda, Craig, Mark, Shannon, Mike.

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