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  • Michael Wolff

I Hate My Workout

We often use the phrase that if you like your workout, you are doing it wrong.

I am referring to a Strength Workout.

Doing leg press using slow reps and working to muscle failure is miserable.

There will be increased pulse, flushed face, heavy breathing, intense muscle ache and burn.

This all happens at rep 8 and we still ask for 2-7 more reps.

Yes it is OK to HATE your workout.

Some exercises will be worse than others.

I often laugh (with you, not at you) as gripper seems like such a small exercise yet it hurts just like leg press.

But really it is about tolerating the intensity required to have a great workout.

You will build tolerance towards your workout.

The results of the workout are the part I love.

I tolerate my workout because the LOVE the BENEFITS.

I love that I sleep better, I feel Strong, I have more energy, I feel capable.

At 58 years of age I still feel really good.

I certainly can't do the things I did at 25, but generally I am not limited within daily life.

Get Strong - Stay Strong

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