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Equipment Upgrades:

Equipment Upgrades:

  1. New Low Back Extension: Technically used, but will work much better for our studio. The old model was very difficult to enter and exit. The new model is lower to the ground, so entry and exit will be much easier. It also will give a better low back extension movement. We did purchase this unit used, which can be tricky since I would prefer to see and use the unit before making the purchase. That was not the case this time and the guide rods within the weght stack are bent. So new guide rods are ordered (maybe arrive Monday). Once up and running, we look forward to getting everyone set up.

  2. New Gluteator ordered. This machine will arrive in about 3 months. Great company, but small and getting larger. They are working on ramping up production, so maybe we get ours sooner. The unit create hip extension and abduction all in one movement. It will very effectively work the target muscles (Glutes/Buttocks). So again, once it arrives, REALLY look forward to working clients on this unit.

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