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Resistance Exercise Conference Update

Resistance Exercise Conference Update

Ted Dreisigner, Ph.D. - Topic: Lower Back Strengthening.

  • Strength training is the only way to meaningful way to increase functional ability of low back.

  • Exercise can break the cycle of chronic low back pain.

  • Our low back extension is helping strengthen the muscles of the lumbar area.

Brandon Jonker - Topic: Recent study results

  • Results of study looking at different repetition speeds (2-4 vs 10-10 vs 30-30-30).

  • Study showed no significant difference in results depending on repetition speed used.

  • Reinforced concept of just get to momentary muscle fatigue to get best results.

Michelle Seger, Ph.D - Topic: The Science Behind Cultivating Lasting Exercise Motivation.

  • Ask why are you exercising.

  • Sustainable behaviors.

  • Something is always better than nothing. Everything counts.

  • Exercise is a privilege vs punishment.

  • Focus on feeling right now vs long term goal which can seem very far away. Right now: more energized, more productive, happier, accomplishment.

Mike Gittleson - Topic: Stretching is Not What We Thought it Was + The Lost Body Part.

  • Stretch after activity not before.

  • Stiffer tendons happen as we age.

  • Want compatibility of tissues (muscle and tendon).

  • Recent work is very new (January 2018), and more coming. Isometric contractions to increases compatibility of tissues and greater flexibility.

  • You MUST train the neck.

  • Concussion prevention/reduction, O2 uptake, greater blood flow to brain to potentially offset the onset of dementia.

Rob Morton - Topic: Understanding Muscle Hypertrophy: Protein Metabolism and Resistance Training.

  • First and foremost must stimulate muscle to change.

  • Whether lower range or higher repetition range, most important is work to fatigue.

  • Support with 1.6g protein per kilo body weight.

  • 20 grams per serving every 3-4 hours.

  • Recommendation to consume 20g protein at bedtime to boost overall consumption.

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