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  • Michael Wolff

Muscle Tissue is the Key to Fitness

Muscle tissue is the key to fitness and the window to the rest of your body.

Our health, fitness and our body’s appearance are all directly linked with our muscle tissue. The robustness and functioning of all our internal organs, down to the cellular level, is improved by stimulating our lean muscle tissue. This includes for example, the entire cardiovascular system.

Our ability to physically do more than just sit and walk around is greatly enhanced by awakening our strength-giving muscle fibers. This becomes increasingly important as we age, for once we get past 30 years old, if we don’t intervene we lose muscle tissue year on year, effecting our mobility, strength and general health.

Our appearance and body fat levels (though primarily driven by what and how much we eat) are improved by having a speedier metabolism- our metabolic rate is also increased by stimulating lean muscle tissue.

All the benefits that exercise can possibly provide are linked to lean muscle tissue, and high intensity strength workout provides a safe, efficient, effective and sustainable approach to optimizing the human physiology, whether applied to athletes, special populations or regular busy individuals.

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