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The Pillar Squat Has Arrived

March 10, 2017

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Virtual Testimonial #29

April 4, 2020

Hi Mike,

This is Terri S.  I want to thank you for shifting gears in this time of Covid-19 and taking the workouts on to Zoom.  When I first heard you were going to do this, I was a bit skeptical because I wondered how I could ever do anything at home that could be an acceptable substitute to the machines at HIT Strength.  I was wrong.  I started with Erika this week and she planned a workout just using 3 and 5 lb weights that I have at home, an exercise circle, my kitchen counter, a rolled up towel, a door and a chair.  My first workout was Monday.  On Tuesday when I got out of bed, I was hurtin' for certain!  I asked myself, "oh my gosh, Erika!  What did you do to me?!"  I was very stiff across the shoulders and my arms.  I thought back about what I had done, and it was the five-pound weights I lifted for butterflies.  The soreness took a couple of days to dissipate, but I definitely feel I got a good workout.  

As you know I've been a client of HIT Strength for 2.5 years.  I've really felt that I benefited from the machine workout and the personal training.  I'm stronger that I was before I joined and many activities are easier for me...more effortless.  When HIT Strength closed temporarily, I was concerned I would lose much that I had gained in the last 2.5 years.  But after 2 workouts I had this week on Zoom with Erika, I don't feel like I'm going backward.  I felt challenged using the free weights and my own body weight.  I was pleasantly surprised with the workouts!  I don't think I'll miss a beat.  Thanks, Mike and Erika!



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