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The Pillar Squat Has Arrived

March 10, 2017

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It literally saved my life....

July 18, 2018

Awhile ago we had some fun and let clients post on the white board how strength has helped them throughout their life. It was very intersting to see all the different responses from, "moved 10 yds of mulch, climb stairs with ease, etc.

We posted this on Facebook awhile ago and even had more responses.

It was really interesting to talk to a few of the clients that posted. What has strength done for you? In the case of a few of our clients, the response was "It saved my life, and saved me from serious injury".

Their incident where muscle strength helped them was

  1. Auto crash rollover.

  2. Auto crash head on.

  3. Fell down a flight of stairs.

In each of the 3 cases above, the client walked away with only minor soreness days later. If you take a moment to really think about each incident, it is a miracle there were at least no broken bones (imagine a broken neck).

But really it is muscle strength that is the reason for no injuries. Stronger muscles, means stronger bones, means stronger connective tissue and actually acts like an armor in the case of a possible serious injury. So I do agree that their muscle strength saved their life.




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