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The Pillar Squat Has Arrived

March 10, 2017

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How to Survive a Vehicle Rollover

January 5, 2018


Yes, this is totally possible and to even walk away. You survive by being stronger. The muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones all act as a shock absorber type system to protect the body.

These tissues all have a breaking point, and by being stronger you are simply increasing their breaking point. So any trauma that does come to the body, then the injury is either less severe or not at all.

Being weak, and crashing a vehicle could result in a concussion, broken bones, connective tissue damage, etc.

So by getting stronger you are reducing your risk of injury from anything life throws at you.

The reason for this week's topic: Erica S, our new trainer, recently rolled the vehicle she was driving. And she walked away with only minor soreness.



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