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March 10, 2017

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Reverse Osteoporosis

October 5, 2017

More and more women entering their 40’s are suffering from Osteoporosis.  The American lifestyle, the use of technology, lack of exercise all equal loss of muscle and thinning bones.  The good news is you can stop and reverse the effects of Osteoporosis.  All without the use of medications.  Consistent strength training is the key to be successful in the fight against this disease.  Two authors I refer clients to are Dr. Miriam E Nelson and Dr Wayne Wescott, and their books and articles.  They speak to the power of high intensity strength training.  Below are 10 rules for your strength training to make the most of your program.  

Reverse Osteoporosis Strength Workout Rules:  

1.  Intensity:  Train to MMF. Your workout results are directly related to intensity of effort. To stimulate your body to produce change, you should perform every exercise to MMF.

2.   Train Progressively: As you get stronger you must increase the demand placed on the body in order to see continued improvement. This means using a heavier weight or getting the next repetition, or better form.

3.  Train Consistently: Perform two workouts per week on a regular basis, barring illness or planned vacation.

4.  One Set per Exercise: Once you work to MMF, there is no need to perform any further work with that exercise in order to achieve best results.

5.  Rest 72-96 hours Between Workouts: Remember the workout is just the stimulus for change.  The time between workouts is when the actual change takes place.

6.  Work all the Major Muscles: Be sure the workout addresses all the major muscles.

Chest, back, shoulders, arms, core, hips and thighs.

7.  Use Strict Form: Always move is a slow controlled manner, 4-1-4 repetition speed (8-12 reps). Slower is always better; more muscular work and safer.

8.  Keep Records: Keep records of each workout weight and repetitions. Records will always be the measure of workout progress. When to raise a weight, when to keep it the same, etc.

9.  Use a Trainer: A supervised workout will always yield a safer, more productive workout.

10.  Get Strong! The stronger person will always have stronger bones.  



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