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March 10, 2017

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Spring Into a New You

March 24, 2017


Spring is finally in the air!  Time to get outside, to get your shorts on, and swimwear ready.  We try on our spring clothing and it feels a little snug and we feel slightly defeated.  It is not time for a pity party, it's time to be honest and get serious.


If you want to feel better about your shape, fitness level, and health, try these small doable changes.


Spring into a better YOU.


1. Stay strong and strength train.  Muscle makes us stronger, gets us more tone, and burns more calories even while at rest.


2. Incorporate 5 PLUS servings of fruit and vegetables into your daily routine.  F/V servings will crowd out other higher calorie items.


3. Drink more water.  Eight 8 oz. glasses per day minimum.


4. Make sure you get enough protein.  Daily recommendation is Body Weight divided by 2.2 then multiply by 1.5 and that will give you how many grams needed daily.  For example, a 150 pound person will need about 102 grams of protein per day.  You may need to supplement to achieve your number.


5. Just get up and move.  Add 30 minutes of low intensity walking daily.  This will burn a few calories but also support all your healthy behaviors.


6. Get 8 hours of sleep per night.  Sleep is when your body does its best recuperation from the rigors of life and workouts.


7. Use a meal replacement to shave extra calories out of your day.


Begin TODAY to commit.  Be more active, eat healthier, drink more water, and strength train regularly.



As Always, Get Strong!

Mike Wolff


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