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The Pillar Squat Has Arrived

March 10, 2017

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The Pillar Squat Has Arrived

March 10, 2017

 The Pillar Squat


The pillar squat has arrived and some of you have been lucky enough to workout on it.  The most common question we get is why invest in new equipment?  For HIT Strength, it is about getting you a better and safer workout.  Tag lines we often use is "Smarter Workouts" and "Better Results".  These two lines are at the very reason we moved forward with the new machine.  


The Pillar Squat allows you, the user, to squat without loading weight on the shoulders and spine.  It also allows a much better range of motion of work, which means more muscular work.  In both cases, a better result compared to our other two big leg units (Medx Leg Press and Pendulum Power Squat).  While we still love the other units, and we will still use them, The Pillar becomes another tool in our tool box to continue to deliver the best possible strength workout possible.


For more photos see HIT Strength Personal Training Facebook page.



Michael Wolff


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