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  • Michael Wolff

Let's Fail This Week.

Not the business.

So just relax, you will all still be tortured next week.

I am referring to my workout.

I will perform as many reps as I can until I fail.

I will work as hard as I possibly can within perfect form.

The scientific literature clearly delineates that “intensity” is the primary stimulus for our bodies to change and improve as a result of the engagement in a resistance exercise program.

Intensity is the most important controllable factor in an individual’s response to an exercise program.

It appears that the other variables of an exercise program, although important, are simply not as meaningful as the intensity with which we exercise.

So failure sounds bad.

Heart failure is bad.

Failure in school is bad.

Failure in business is bad.

But failing on my set of leg press is good.

To work to the point of failure (deep muscle fatigue) sends a signal/stress to the muscle that it's current capabilities are inadequate.

The muscle will repair itself to a greater level of capability (get stronger).

So working to muscle failure is a good thing.

See you next week to FAIL.

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