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  • Michael Wolff

I Hate My Workout

Updated: Jan 10

Yes, I hate my workout.

I do like the first few reps of an exercise, feeling the heavy weight, using perfect form and feeling the muscles work.

But it quickly turns into misery.

During an exercise my pulse elevates quickly, my breathing accelerates, I radiate heat, my muscles burn and ache and the overall discomfort goes through the roof.

Why would I elect to do this to myself.

I'm chasing a list of benefits that is truly endless.

Thirty years ago it was vanity.

But research continues to show that strength training (not cardio) is the fountain of youth.

Today, I believe I can and will function at a high level until 90.

I love feeling strong.

I love at 60 I can still do most everything I want.

So while I often tell all of you that the workout does not get easier, you will build up tolerance.

I tolerate leg extension.

I tolerate leg press.

I tolerate abdominal.

You will learn to tolerate the workout.

You will learn to work harder.

You will be rewarded with strength, greater bone density, vitality, etc, etc, etc.

Long live the strong.

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