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Urgent: Temporary Closing

After much consideration and discussion, we feel it's best at this time to close temporarily.

This is effective immediately.

We will be closely monitoring the Covid 19 situation.

We will target April 1 as a possible re-open date, but that is really just a best guess.

We will create a home workout program for you, so stay tuned and stay healthy!

Anybody still wishing to purchase HMR products can communicate via email ( or text 630-220-2204.

We have product and will sell it.

At this point we can replenish our supplies.

Regular updates can be found via:

  1. This email

  2. HIT Strength Facebook

  3. Request to join BE FIT GET HIT Facebook

Thank you for choosing HIT Strength and we look forward to working with you soon.

Mary, Erika, Amanda, Craig, Mark, Danny, Mike.

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