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Effective February 3

Price Increase on the 1 to 1 workout of $1.

The price was $29 and will be $30 starting February 3.

Member Appreciation Week

February 10-15

Be sure to grab some of the goodies.

Special Recognition: Our High Achievers

This list has completed 300 strength workouts at HIT Strength

Mary T 361

Peter C 349

Dottie R 325

Ted H 318

Betsy C 315

Sharon F 311

Tom N 310

Dale W 302

Elise N 301

Betsy P 301


Thank You

On January 4 we celebrated 4 years in business

We have grown every year - Thank You.

Coming Soon

Seminar Nights

These will happen on a every other month basis.

Attendees earn a 5% rebate on their next month of training.


Dates to be announced soon.

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