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  • Michael Wolff

New Year - New You

You choose your age.

You define your own age by the choices you make each day as to how you will live.

You can be in your 70's and choose to live as 55.

You can chase fitness and healthy food and have a body that screams 55.

You can ride your bike, chase the grand-kids, run on the beach.

Or you can ignore your health, tell yourself 70 is getting older and you are slowing down, watch television for four hours a day, wear frumpy old clothes, wear the same hairstyle you did in high school and be 70 doing everything you can do to be 85.

You can be the 40-year-old guy with the too-much-time-at-a-desk forward head lean thing going on with the muscle-free rounded shoulders, old dude pleated pants and ignore that your choice of lifestyle is killing you, or you can fight back, join a gym, get a coach and turn back the clock to a mentality and body that says 30, not 40 looking a bad 60.

You choose to sit, others choose to move.

Most of the diseases of aging are self-inflicted and we know they are coming.

Your dad died of a heart attack, your brother has a heart issue, and is younger than you, and you are pushing 50 and smoke, and refuse to exercise, you are a self-inflicted statistic in the making…and you do know it is coming your way.

You just didn’t wake up some morning, stand in front of a mirror naked and realized, “how the hell did this happen to me? I look like a bad clay project."

You became that nasty artwork in the mirror by choice, by one lazy day at a time, by one donut as a snack, by too much, too much of everything bad for too long.

But today, if you choose, you can turn back the clock.

You can move, eat better, dress better, and realize age is just a condition of your mind and you choose to be the youngest version of yourself possible or you choose to live 20 years past your time.

Your age is your choice…and your entry ticket to life is STRENGTH.

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