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Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight

About a year ago I went to see my doctor and had some blood work done. After receiving the results, something had to change, or I was going to have to go on medications. So, he asked me to get on a healthy eating plan and exercise program to see if I could avoid the medications. I didn’t want to join a gym, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the needed exercise with my busy schedule. I saw an ad for HIT Strength personal training on a social media site. I thought to myself, this looks like a program I can do. So, I called and made my appointment for the Free Intro Workout. I was hooked!!!! I committed to taking my health back and truly believe that’s the point you must get to. With the specialized team at HIT Strength, time and proper nutrition and most of all the encouragement and support I got from my trainer, I have been able to achieve GREAT results and you can too but you have to commit and want to change. You can do it. Mark Puffer.

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