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Two new stationary bikes.

We will be using them in addition to the strength training.

It is a high intensity cardiovascular workout.

The workout is termed HIIT (high intensity interval training).


Get fit faster.

In 1996 Dr Izumi Tabata produced some ground braking research around HIIT.

The HIIT workouts consisted of eight, 20-second all-out exercise bouts followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes of exercise.

The study found that HIIT improved aerobic capacity to a similar degree as moderate-intensity continuous training, but also resulted in a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity.

In 2005 Dr Martin Gibala started producing some similar outstanding results using HIIT. (See his book "The One Minute Workout")

Training was 30-seconds all-out followed by 4 minutes of rest for 4 rounds. After 6 training sessions, subjects had doubled their cardiovascular endurance.


Intensity is the key variable. The harder you work, the greater the result, all in less time.

We currently have used a 20 second work interval followed by a 30 second rest interval for 3-5 intervals. We can manipulate each part of the protocol. Work harder (150 watts to 500 watts) for 20 seconds, work longer (30 seconds), shorter rest periods (20 seconds), or a few more intervals (3-6 intervals).

Overall the HIIT workouts have been well received. Remember we are asking you to work at your level. Just like the strength workout, you do what you are capable of and you will get better. There is no magic level you must do, just do what you can, stick with the program and you will get better.

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