• Michael Wolff


The big buzz word in the fitness industry is "functional training".

Trainers and gyms are trying to design the latest and greatest workout for functional training. The problem is that this is impossible.

Research has clearly showed this time and time again.

Functional training is really a myth.

Even without research we can take apart the argument of functional training.

The human body can perform billions of specific movements.

It is impossible to perform and exercise for each possible movement.

By the industry definition of "functional training", we at HIT strength have never trained a client functionally.

We simply look at muscle and joint function and work to make the muscle stronger.

Once the muscles are stronger they all work together to get you through anything you wish to do on a daily basis.

Skill practice is an entire other event.

Take home point.

  1. work the function of the muscle and the joint.

  2. train to deep fatigue.

  3. be progressive with resistance.

  4. train 2x per week.

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