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30 Day Challenge Results

Congratulations to all that participated.

Overall Winners

Mark P.

Lost 2.7 lbs on the scale.

Gained lean mass +4.4 lbs.

Lost fat mass -7.1 lbs

Over 30 days Mark only lost 2.7 on scale but gained much muscle mass and lost good fat mass. Testing his body composition showed a great lean weight change of 11.5 lbs.

Or a 19% change in body mass.

Britta E

Gained 1.9 lbs on scale.

Gained lean mass +3.5 lbs

Lost fat mass -1.6 lbs.

Over 30 days Britta gained weight on the scale, but gained muscle and lost fat for a lean weight change of 5.1 lbs.

Or a 15% change in body mass.

Team Winner

Erika's Team.

Pam S, Kari B, Mark P, Sharon S, Sam H, Sharon H, Laurel and Mike W, Julie and Kristy Y.

Honorable Mention

Tim K lost 8.9 lbs

Kari B lost 7.7 lbs

Heather H lost 3.4 lbs

Brendan N lost 13.4 lbs

Katie W lost 11 lbs

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