• Michael Wolff

New Client Spotlight: Zach and Carol.

Starting in 2017, we realized that a sedentary life style and poor diet choices were starting to take a toll on our joints and waistlines. Enough was enough. So as a New Year’s Resolution 2017, we changed our diet, and bought a used rowing machine. And then we bought a second. After a year, we had each lost about 30-40 pounds. So the New Year’s Resolution for 2018 was to build strength. We had a lot of success building our basement gym around the rowing machines, but neither of us knew much about lifting weights, except that it’s easy to hurt yourself with bad form. Originally, we came to HIT strength just wanting to learn good form, with the plan of doing it on our own at home once we knew the basics. Mike worked with us on our goals, and built a workout routine to match. He talked to us about form (4 second in, 4 seconds out!), but also about maximizing protein in our diet to build muscle. After only a few weeks, we both really came to love our one-on-one sessions with Mary and Mike. It’s been invaluable having a trainer right there, watching our form, keeping count, and making sure we don’t “cheat” by speeding up. We’re always sore the next day, but we can always do more (more weights, more reps) the next week. They keep us honest, and encourage us to do more than we think we can. And the gains have been wonderful. Zach has more power on the rowing machine, and his chronic back pain is gone. Carol can do a push up for the first time, and can help Zach more furniture in the house. We’ve been coming for about 8 months now, and in that time we have both lost more body fat and built muscle to replace it. We look and feel better than we have in years. And with the In Body scales, we’re able to quantify the gains we can both feel. We still lift at home, but we each look forward to Tuesday nights, knowing that the HIT team has our backs and will kick our butts!

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