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Protein Worksheet

Requirements for Adults Building Muscle

  1. Body Weight in pounds divided by 2.2 X 1.75 = Total grams of protein/day.

  2. Example: 200 lb individual divided by 2.2 = 91 kg X 1.6 = 145 grams of protein/day.

  3. RX: 20g - 25g every 3 to 4 hours over 16 hours.

  4. Pre bedtime is an excellent method of gaining extra 20g.

  5. Most protein should be high quality animal or plant based.


Skim milk 8 oz. = 8g.

Greek yogurt 6 oz. = 10-15g.

Lean ham/pork/red meat/chicken/turkey 1 oz. = 7g.

Low fat cottage cheese ¼ cup = 7g.

Cooked beans (legumes) ½ cup = 7g.

1 egg = 7g.

Whey based dry protein powder 1oz. = 25g.

Milk or egg based dry protein powder 1 oz. = 25g.

Soy based dry protein powder 1 oz. = 25g.

Various nutrition bars (various sizes) = 10g - 30g.


  1. Supplements can make getting protein needs met much easier. Bring them with, wherever you go. Starting each day with a protein shake can be an easy way to get quality nutrition and protein into the body as you start the day. You can add fruit (fresh or frozen) to boost nutritional content.

  2. Consuming 25g immediately post strength workout will increase the formation of new muscle proteins and enhance strength gains.

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