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  • Michael Wolff

Client Spotlight: Sam and Sharon

About two years ago, while in their late sixties, they made the joint decision to embark on a strengthtraining program at HIT Strength. Having both gone through major surgeries - those of knee-replacement (Sharon) and spine-surgery (Sam), they had noticed (post-surgeries) a weakening of their over-all musclestrength and tone, when attempting to walk even a short distance. Since that time, not only are they able to walk much greater distances without tiring, but also notice how much easier it is to perform the usual tasks of life, such as carrying groceries, gardening, and cleaning the garage.

When their friends ask them how and why they seem to have so much energy, they tell them how weight training at HIT Strength has changed their lives by making them much stronger. They go on to explain that they have been able to achieve greater strength over two years by Progressive Resistance Exercise. Sharon is now able to do leg presses at 300 pounds! and Sam is able to do 422 pounds! They add that they have been able to achieve these small feats by training 30 minutes each week! They appreciate having had to expend such a small investment of time, in a convenient location, with a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff. In addition, they augment their fitness routine, working-out three additional times per week by doing aerobic exercises, stretching, and walking.

When they consider the possibility of relocating to a warmer climate, they first ask themselves, how would we ever replace our wonderful trainers and setting at HIT Strength? They are happy to remain in the four-season climate here in Elgin. They are even happier to continue improving their quality of life by training at HIT Strength.

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