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  • Michael Wolff

Don't Do It...

Don't do what? Fall for the next fitness craze or crazy diet program. My industry is terrible when it comes to new programming, new diets, or fitness routines. They all promise the results by next week.

One rule of thumb when you see the ads on TV, is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Currently I have seen ads for electrical stimulus garment for six pack abs. Get abs by literally watching TV. Beyond this ad campaign, there are too many to even mention especially with the new year.

We try to deliver a simple, do-able message with health and weight loss/weight maintenance......Do what matters most. Research also supports these points.

  1. engage in a regular strength training program.

  2. engage in regular low intensity cardio.

  3. eat more fruits and vegetables.

  4. get adequate protein consumed.

Our message has not changed in 33 years. Why...because it works every time. It is not easy in today's calorie laden - non physical culture, but works.

Correct, it is not easy but it is also what research tells us works. Bottom line it is fool proof.

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