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  • Michael Wolff

No Time for Your Strength Workout?

The number one reason people give for not working out is a lack of time. While anyone doing honest introspection knows there is actually time for exercise. In other words, if it was Cancer treatment'd be there.

Let me arm you with some knowledge:

1. 30-60 minutes of strength training per week will yield a 20% return on your investment. You will sleep 20% better, you will make decisions 20% faster, you will have 20% less stress, you will be 20% more productive at work or home, your relationships will be 20% better. If I could Guarantee a 20% return on a financial investment, I am willing to bet you would be very interested.

2. Fortunately, the most effective strength workouts are brief and infrequent. Great results can be achieved with just one or two, thirty minute workouts per week. That's right, in less than an hour per week you can build muscle, gain strength, and protect your body from the harmful effects of muscle loss.

It doesn't take a large commitment of time to change your life.

Or you can call it protecting the ASSET...which is YOU.

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