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Why is Strength so Important

Imagine if everything in the world around you felt lighter. Your body feels light so you are able to get up and down a flight of stairs or steep hills without difficulty. You are able to easily carry all the grocery bags in one hand while climbing stairs. Moving furniture becomes a much easier task. You see others struggling with a heavy door that you are about to pass through, so you brace yourself for a challenge but then wonder what the fuss was about.

The frustration that was once posed by opening jars is a distant endearing memory and you jump at the chance to open stuck jars for others. You can apply yourself to any physical challenge and not worry about being broken or injured because your tendons and ligaments feel unbreakable. You may or may not know self-defense techniques, but in what may once have been deemed a potentially threatening situation, you have an air of confidence and invulnerability.

How can strength not be important? Your strength is quite itself. You can be quite capable of doing almost anything you want or you can be stuck within your own body unable to do the most simple tasks.

Get strong.

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