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  • Michael Wolff

Don't Die Before You Are Dead!!

That is quite a statement, and my intention is to get you to stop and think for a moment. You start out life weak, and you get strong, and the longer you are stronger the more LIFE you have. Letting yourself get weak is a slow death.

Read that last sentence AGAIN!


more energy...get stronger

to look healthy...get stronger

less body fat...get stronger

better balance and mobility...get stronger

better athletic performance...get stronger

better posture...get stronger

to live longer...get stronger

to stop and reverse osteoporosis...get stronger

a faster metabolism...get stronger

less body sag...get stronger

less injuries...get stronger

more shapely legs...get stronger

There are 2 ways to go through life: weak or strong. Which one do you choose? If you strength train 1x to 2x per week you can get strong. When you don't choose strength, by default you get weak.

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