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Did I get your attention with that headline? They are actually the words I uttered to a client this week. Actually I said "you failed last time". It sounds terrible that I said that to anyone, let alone a client. But in context (HIT Strength Workout), it simply means we reached a deep level of muscle fatigue and only 9 reps were completed properly. During the next workout the client then actually completed 11 perfect reps and then failed.

Take Home Point: Embrace Failure in your strength workout. Do not change form to just do a repetition. Chase the fatigue and try to make your form even tighter (slower). The goal is to create a deep level of fatigue in order to stimulate change, not just do reps. When you break form, you are no longer working target muscle and you risk possible injury. A tricky concept to embrace is to work to failure, and we promote progress (never stop improving), so be careful to keep form tight at deep muscle fatigue and as failure approaches.


It was great. We learned much, reinforced everything we are currently doing and did some great networking. Look for some small changes to your workouts (manual resistance exercises, and advanced overload techniques) in the near future.

P.S: I cannot provide the exact formula for success, but I can furnish a formula for failure. Give fitness-minded people what they want: easier, longer, more frequent exercise. Instead I supply them with what they need: hard, briefer more infrequent exercise.


Mike Wolff

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