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  • Mike Wolff

Reduce Stress & Get Strong

Less Stress

How does being strong take the sting out of being stressed? Certainly the act of strength training reduces the feelings of stress by helping remove the stress hormone cortisol and relaxes you in general, but there is more to it than that.

Stress can come in two types: physical and emotional. If you are strengthening your body, your strength becomes like a warm coat in the winter, which keeps the cold out. Being strong makes every little action take much less effort and at the end of the day, you are much less drained. Every little action of the day can cause micro damage to the body, but again being strong, your muscles act like armor that's protecting your joints, connective tissue, etc.

Emotional stress is different altogether. It may seem like you have done nothing, but emotional stress can leave you feeling exhausted. Research does show us that regular strength training promotes better sleep, faster decision making, and floods your body with good hormones that are called myokines. So again, stress will just bounce right off you like a bullet hitting Superman.

So the take away strong and have less stress.

As always - Get Strong!

Michael Wolff

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