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Why Strength Training Only?  It is our purpose to deliver world class strength workouts.  We truly believe we are delivering live changing medicine that WILL MAKE LIFE BETTER.  Strength training is our passion and we are constantly striving to NEVER STOP IMPROVING.  Whether you want to just feel better, be more physically active, or improve athletic performance; strength training can deliver.   

Do I Have To Be In Good Shape To Start?  Simply no.  We have the ability to start at your fitness level and move forward from there.  We train clients from age 12 to 91.  Everyone progresses at their own pace and always works with a trainer to insure safety and progress.  

Is 30 Minutes 2X Per Week Really Enough?  The key component to the workout is intensity of effort.  The harder you work, the better the workout.  Think of intensity and frequency as the proper dosage of medicine.  The intensity will be tailored to fit you.  It is also important to understand that intensity does not mean unsafe.  With a trainer at your side, you can work at an incredibly high intensity of effort with little to no risk for injury. 

Does Virtual Training Really Work??  Yes.  Your muscles only know intensity.  They can't tell the difference from fatigue of using a machine, body weight, or free weights.  They only know how hard they have worked.  The virtual workout can be scaled to every level of fitness.  

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