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HIT Strength 






  Strength Training


 Time Efficient


Peer reviewed scientific research is what drives us when it comes to creating our programs for clients.   


Results will be obtained through a disciplined commitment to the scientific approach that we follow.

Strength training is centerpiece of what we do at HIT Strength.


  •  be stronger

  • be healthier

  • be disease-resistant 

  • be hard to kill

  • be better


Evidence Based 


  • 30 minute workout

  • 2x per week

  • By appointment

  • Full body workout

  • Always with a trainer


Free Intro Workout

30 minutes + 2x per week = HIT Strength



Mary Piper-Teets
Craig Koessl
Michael Wolff


       Erika Schambach

               Amanda Martin


         Daniel Nevarez


Mark Hartwig


   Body Composition


Find out what you are made of. 

Track added muscle and fat lost. 

Test and review results. 

$15 clients and $35 non-clients.

                                        SERVICES                                                                                             SERVICES

1 to 1
Personal Training

30 minute workout.

1  trainer to 1 client.

$30 per session.


1 to 2
Personal training

30 minute workout session.

1 trainer to 2 clients.

$22 per person/per session.



I have been working out at HIT Strength for about a year.  I decided that if I wanted to stay active, feel better, and get stronger I had to work on it.  Because of problems with my knees and back I felt I needed more guidance and support than I found at other fitness centers and found what I needed at HIT Strength. The staff is so supportive and knowledgeable that I was comfortable and trusted them from the start.  Mary, my trainer, pushes me but her attention to my form ensures that I am working safely and efficiently.  I am so pleased with the results of our work.  I am more mobile, have fewer aches and feel better.  

Thanks to the HIT team!” Lynn H. 

Love this place!  The trainers are terrific,  They give you the extra push even when you don't realize it. What is incredible is you work out for only 30 minutes. Who doesn't have a 1/2 hour to spare. Twice a week and really a great value for the cost!

Try it you will love it.  Sara S.

I have been coming for just over 6 months, and I am truly amazed at how much stronger I am.  I actually enjoy my weekends more and I am much more physically active.  My workouts are very challenging but I know the reward is how I now feel everyday.  David W.

I was always hesitant to strength train, even though I knew I should.  The staff do a great job leading me through my workout.  The sessions are getting harder, but I am feeling much better.  I have lost some pounds and even gained some muscle.  Not bad for 67 years of age.  Monica L.

The supervision of the workout is really the key.  I find I work much harder with the trainer coaching me, I feel safer, and I get better results.  I am a firm believer in HIT Strength.  My schedule is very busy but I do find the time to get in with regular scheduled workouts.  Mark J.

HIT Strength is the first program I have ever stuck with.  I have never been a big exerciser, but I found I was losing strength as I aged.  Everything was getting more difficult.  I knew I needed to get stronger, but I certainly don't know how to do that.  HIT Strength took care of everything, meeting me at my fitness level, teaching and coaching all along the way.  Now my workouts are hard but I love how I feel once I'm finished.   Kathryn W.

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Free Intro Workout

30 minutes + 2x per week =  HIT Strength